Saturday, December 16, 2006

Company Christmas Party 2006

We dressed up. We took photos. It is a rare event. I thought I'd share before I hit the hay. My feet hurt :)

Bryan's boss and his wife. Nice folks. Hosted the party at their local country club.

My favorite part of dinner--the cheesecake!

My smile is a little goofy here, but the guy taking our pic took a while to find the button and I was trying not to blink.

Look at us! My hubby in his handsome, festive red shirt and tie and my lovely blue evening dress that I'm hoping I'll be able to fit into again someday :) See the heels--they don't look that high, but I walked very carefully in them. Didn't even trip--thank the Good Lord Above! I'm very sleepy and am going to bed. Hope you all have a good weekend!


Jules said...

I love the dress.Very complimentary!

Misty said...

Thanks!! I found it Saturday after Thanksgiving when my hubby and I were able to do some shopping without the kids. Got it at B. Moss on sale. I fell in love with the color immediately and was so thankful it fit. It's hard to find dresses that fit me. I'm small, short, and have a little *ahem* "mommy pooch", so finding something that's small enough, short enough, and not too snug in the middle is a challenge :)