Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday's Faves and Flops

I have managed two days of exercise so far this week, and am keeping up with my chores well, pacing myself, taking some me time here and there too. I struggled to get all my chores done early last night so I could settle in with Bryan and the girls and watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas". I was doing good with the cleanup until Zoe had a poop from you know where. It required an immediate bath, so thanks to the technology of our wonderful DVR, we didn't miss any of the Charlie Brown special. It's such a simple little show, but so cute and timeless.

Now, on to my fave and flop of the week.

We had a chance to see this new installment of The Santa Clause series on Friday last week. Date night and a movie--great combo! Anyway, I was afraid it wouldn't be pulled off well, but they really managed to get a good story out of this one. This movie has Santa (Tim Allen) and his Mrs. Claus getting ready to have a baby. Of course, she's due right at Christmastime, Santa's busiest time of year (poor planning on their part, I'd say). The movie's strongest character, and most intruiging storyline came from Martin Short's portrayal of "Jack Frost". He tries to sabatoge Santa and take his job, by finding out that Santa can reverse his "Becoming of Santa" by using a magic snow globe and saying "I wish I'd never become Santa". So, of course, things get hairy, but with the help of some of the other "legendary figures", like Mother Nature, the Tooth Fairy, and the Sandman, things are put right again. Good story, good for kids and adults too, and surprisingly intersting for a third sequel. See it if you get a chance.

Wednesday's Flop: The way Fox threatens to drive a good series into the ground.
It happened with Boston Public. Series was going well, then the plot got TOO twisted and TOO wierd to recover and off it goes. Now, it is looking bad for the dramatic series House as well. It started out as a great show, a medical series where Dr. House has to solve really wierd medical cases, and there's always a surprise in the end. The characters were interesting, all had their own vices and backgrounds, and House himself--recovering from a severe leg injury that left him partially crippled and hooked on pain meds. He's a total jerk, but a brilliant diagnostician, and you see a sense of caring deep down under the snide, witty remarks. But now, they've delved deep into the drug addiction plot. A cop is on House's tail about forging prescriptions and being hooked on these narcotics, and he's put the pressure on every other staff member as well. It's looking REALLY bad for House, and in reality, he would be fired and put in the can for what he's done, so I'm really NOT sure how they're going to pull out of this plot. If House goes to prison, where's the show going to lead--now he's a prison doctor? I just have real doubts that this series will pull itself out of the mire. So sad that Fox starts a good dramatic series that both my husband and I actually sit down and get into, and then let it head south with plots that can't be unraveled. There's still hope, but I'm not holding my breath.

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