Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Online Shopping Rundown

If any of you have taken up my torch and began to shop online, I compiled a list of some places I shopped this year and posted a link on Maggie's site. Anywho, I thought it was so good, I'd post it here too :) And I'll even be nice and link each one for your convenience. I'm in the Christmas spirit, huh? Don't forget--print out an order receipt for each order and check your bank statements to make sure you're charged correctly.–$25 orders on most items gives you free super saver shipping (doesn’t apply to some toys and electronics–through Toys R Us-ha!)–Great selection of really unique “thinking” toys. Shipping not that cheap, but have had good service with them and they don’t hide costs or order status. Also no tax.

Swiss Colony–I get the little Incredible Spreadables cheese spreads each Thanksgiving and love em. However, didn’t have a good online experience there this year. Order numbers didn’t match the catlog numbers and couldn’t get the shipping date to work for some reason. However, the customer service reps are always available and breezed me through my order. AND, you get FREE 24-count delicious truffles with ANY order. How sweet is that?

Lakeside Collection–Just like LTD, but don’t have to ship to a business. Cheap stuff, GREAT selection. Decent items. Shipping depends on amount spent. But, have never had a problem getting my items–all in ONE big box unless something comes later. Great place for getting lots of small things.

Toys to Grow On–Just found this one this year, but I got everything I ordered really quickly. Very cute toys, many educational. Not super cheap, but seems like good quality stuff.

Collections Etc–Pretty good stuff. Everything is advertised for nothing over $14.99. And they offer discounts too, though some of their e-mails were confusing. A couple of items were backordered, but had estimated shipping dates, and I now have it all. Good for buying for name-drawing at granny’s house or work, etc.

Everything Coffee and Tea–I found some cheap Ghiardelli hot cocoa mix there. Might have actually been in Wal-Mart or elsewhere, but I didn’t look. Anyway, I got a PERSONAL e-mail from “Bob” who thanked me for my order and let me know my items were shipped. Nice folks.

Personal Creations–I ordered Bryan’s granny a Great Granny sweatshirt with all 8 great-grandkids names. They have many different items that can be personalized almost anyway you want. Some items cost more to personalize, and others are free. Got my shirt in a jif and it looks just right!

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