Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday--Misty's Challenge

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Mine started out crummy. My hubby had a problem at work (a power plant) that had to be resolved on Thanksgiving day, so the girls and I had to travel alone on the 2 hour drive to my in-laws house. Hubby had to work all day and much of the night, then he popped in and surprised me just after the meal at my dad's house on Friday. We were able to go to a movie that night and go shopping all day Saturday while his parents watched the girls. The best news--we completed all of our Christmas shopping!! Before December!! This is a record.

I have really felt today's challenge. I am so unmotivated to get back into the routine after the busy, but fun weekend. So, the challenge to me and to you all--pace yourself! If you're like me, you spent about 4 days going here and there, eating too much, and thoroughly enjoying it, but then you're back home, back at work, back to the old grind, and it's a little overwhelming. Take a breath, think and even jot down some things that have to be done soon, and start tackling them one by one. Do a bit today, a bit tomorrow, etc, and let this week flow with a couple major tasks each day until you feel more caught up and relaxed. In between chores, find a good stopping place and relax! Take 10-15 minutes at least and just be still, just watch a little TV, take a walk, or do something fun to take the drudgery out of the day.

Before the week is out, I am hoping to be motivated to wrap all those Christmas presents and prepare to get supplies for Christmas goodies and candies. But first, a nap...

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