Monday, November 27, 2006

Hanging of the greens

We had our hanging of the greens service last night at our church. Lots of Christmas songs and commentary of the meaning behind each decoration. My Meg and her preschool choir sang "The First Noel." I was proud of her--she was the only one we could hear--of course, she interrupted the song by saying loudly, "THAT'S MY MAMA AND DADDY OVER THERE!" At least I got to try out my Christmas gift from hubby. A new Canon Powershot SD 630 digital camera. Here's some pics:

Had to turn the flash off and the iso up, so it's a little fuzzy unless you hold it perfectly still from this distance. And I had Zoe in my lap, so I wasn't perfectly still, as you might guess :) But Meg's right in the front there, little mouth open wide, navy blue dress.

We celebrated Meg's triumph at Long John Silver's--here's Zoe the pirate. She would not leave the hat on long enough, so daddy got behind her and put in on so I could be ready for the pic.

And Meg--what a big, cheesy smile! I love that kid.


Cheryl said...

Those are the sweetest babies in the world!! I miss them already!!!!

Magnanimity said...

Cool! did you happen get one of Carmen and I holding flags?

I wish I had one.

thanks for the GREAT links today!