Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Trans Am Nationals

We attended the 22nd annual Trans Am Nationals in Dayton, OH over the weekend. We competed with our 30th anniversary Trans Am--1999 by the way, if you didn't know. This is six years in a row for us. We've been before any kids, during pregnancy with kid #1, with Meg as a baby, with Meg as a toddler, and during pregnancy with kid #2 while kid #1 was at grandparents'. This time, we were alone again while both kids were with the grandparents, and I'm not even pregnant! I was able to do my interior/exterior detailing without a pregnant belly or toddler to worry about. We were able to stay in the Airport Hotel for the first time, which meant we didn't have to drive back and forth, and could sleep in just a bit, eat lunch in our room and cool off, and just hang out when we got tired. So nice--we've already pre-registered for next year, though I may be with child again :) The best part--we won 2nd place in our class again. Quite a feat, really, since the number 1 car for two years in a row has less than 10,000 miles and is trailered in an enclosed trailer and has virtually no wear. And there were around 40 cars in the class--many of which were very competitive. And we had a stain on our white leather front passenger seat. So, we were feeling grateful. That makes 2 second place trophies now--we'll get 1st one of these days :)

I have to say I never was that much of a car enthusiast, but I've gotten more into it over the years we've been attending. Boy, can I clean a car. I mostly just enjoy being with my hubby, especially this time being alone, and I like being enthusiastic about his interests. Really good bonding there. I posted pics below, so enjoy!

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Magnanimity said...

Looks like you guys had a great time...and look at the TROPHY!


Seems you all had some great Getting Away time!

I can't wait...[sigh]