Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I love my family...really I do...really

I'm taking a break from the vacation pics to describe my weekend trip. We traveled to attend my niece's 4th birthday party this past Saturday. Good party. Barbequed food, lots of kids playing and laughing. Had fun. But let me tell you why I choose to even elaborate on this seemingly normal, common event.

My family is not conventional. No Cleavers here. My husband never fails to be surprised at the family dynamics--his family was more conventional than mine. Oh, they have their own foibles, but you wouldn't necessarily find the interesting turnout at a birthday party on his side of the family that you would have found at mine.

Here's a rundown of the party guests: my half-brother(different dads), sister-in-law, my youngest niece turning 4; half-brother's other half-sister (different moms) and her daughter and son; sister-in-law's mother and mother's boyfriend; sister-in-law's dad and dad's girlfriend; my stepfather; half-brother's ex-wife, ex-wife's husband and their son; my oldest niece (from half-brother's ex-wife), next youngest niece (from half-brother's ex-girlfriend); a couple that work with half-brother and sister-in-law.....and the kicker...an ex-convict that is one of half-brother's best friends. I won't mention what he was in prison for, but let's say it was disturbing to learn that he is living right next door in the duplex by my half-brother and his family. Not that he didn't seem nice--I've kinda known him for a long time too, but anyway.....

So, if you read over the guest list a few times, you'll see why it's a bit confusing and unconventional. But, I'm used to it..doesn't really surprise or confuse me anymore. Mainly because they're all ok with each other. No fights, no guns, no drinking, no cops. If there was tension there, it would bother me, but everyone is comfortable with each other, and we just had fun. Highlight of the day--didn't bring swimsuits for my girls, and when they broke out a Slip n Slide, my oldest daughter quick as lightning, before anyone could notice, stripped naked and stood in line waiting for her turn. My youngest, slipping and sliding on and off in the mud and grass, diaper drooping down to her knees.

It was a great day. I love my family....really.


Magnanimity said...

That was so totally funny. And you are doing a bang up job with the crafts for the little ones. Sorry about the desertion issue tonight. But hey...with a blog entry like this, I think you are prepared for the worse possible! Just kidding.

Misty said...

Thanks! I'm glad I have the background I have--people don't surprise me much now. Should have anticipated that the kids would have used the scepters as "swords", though, ha ha!