Friday, June 30, 2006

Day 2 pics are here!!

Not a lot of variety here, but lots of life! So, here's a short synopsis of our first couple days. Flew out of Nashville to Tampa on May 31, rented a car, drove 2 hours down to the Fort Myers area and our resort, checked in, relaxed, saw the dolphins, ate at Flippers on the Bay during the tremendous thunderstorm, returned and relaxed some more.

Day two, June 1: Hung out on the beach, enjoyed the manatees, played in the pool--enchanting little waterfall there. Hubby doesn't like to swim in the pool when there's an ocean nearby, but I think it's fun. Especially when you can see the ocean right there too. And you know a shark's not going to bite you. Ate lunch at Flippers, hung out in the hotel, took naps, went out to eat. We ate at some great restaurants there. Man, wish I could just go to one tonight!

So, basically, our first couple days we just relaxed and took wildlife pics--great vacation already!

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