Thursday, July 27, 2006

External links

The previous post about breakfast included an external link. I'm so techno now. You must click on the post's title to access it. Might not be obvious from looking at it. Just thought I'd enlighten you.

I'm loving the new laptop, but working out some kinks. Loving the new game, The Elder Scrolls IV--Oblivion. I'm sure I'll spend many happy hours with it. The people are so realistic looking and sounding. It's almost like a movie. Gameplay is a little more complicated though. I'll have to practice. I have my laptop set up in my kitchen where I can work on it and watch the kids. Women are masters of multitasking. I think I'll keep it here. I'm loving this space. Like a home office. I may move my filing cabinets up here. The basement is just not as accessible at this time. With little ones around, I have to keep a closer eye on them and make sure they don't fall down the stairs too.

I'm starting to ramble. Meg had her 4th swim lesson today, and we're all tired from it. But makes for good sleep. And my baby's 18 months old now. Time sure flies.

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