Thursday, March 05, 2009

One of those days...

Meg's been complaining about her stomach hurting every time she eats since Monday.  So today, I called the doctor and let her stay home to go.  She is getting a prescription for Zantac.  And she had a blood test.  Had to drag her into the room to get it done, but once I had her firmly seated on my lap, she wasn't too bad.  Thank you Melissa for watching the younger two for me--I hate dragging them all into the doctor's office if I don't have to.

Prepared for our first evening MOPS night meeting this morning as well, and shopping for Zach's first birthday party, and baking my pigs in a blanket for the meeting now, after having the power out here for over an hour.  I'm already a tired puppy and my meeting starts at 6.  I think I need caffeine and lots of it.  How in the world I'm gonna get the laundry caught up and us all packed up to head to the in-laws tomorrow night is yet to be seen :)


Theresa said...

Just wanted to wish the big boy a happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Your pig-in-a blankets were yummy!!

Thanks for all your work with MOPS, too. :-)