Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happy and sad

Today, I took the girls to the dentist for their checkup. No cavities! Yay! We got some drinks at Sonic and went back home.

Zachary is 7 months old as of yesterday and is working on his 6th tooth. He is crawling all over, so now I've gotten out the playpen as a temporary fixture in the living room, since he can get away pretty quickly now.

And mom passed away 5 years ago from lung cancer. It's hard to believe it's been that long already. I miss her still so much, that sometimes I think about calling her and remember she's not there.

If you smoke, there are a lot of resources out there to help you quit. Do yourselves and your loved ones a favor and stay around a few more years.


Susan said...

Praying for you Misty as you remember your mom!

Anonymous said...

My dad died of conjestive heart failiure. He had emphazema (sp) on the one lung he had left.

Mom asked us kids to clean out his detached office at the house.

There was a trash compactor inbetween his desk and filing cabinets.

When we moved the trash compactor we found a huge pile of cigarette butts.

Like a teen aged boy sneeking out behind the barn to smoke, my dad would sneed smokes in his office. He told everyone he had quit after having his lung removed.

Be glad you have good memories and a good relationship with your mom. You can pass along those feelings and memories to your children.

Kristin said...

I'm right with you in the mommy mood issues, but have found a great help. I highly recommend the book, "The Triple-Whammy Cure" by David Eidelberg, MD. It discusses women's predisposition to lower seratonin levels, and all the mood-issues that go along with it. The book gives concrete advice on how to use sunshine, exercise, diet, and other techniques to find relief. They also have a website: but they spend too much time on the website selling supplements - I find the book more helpful.

Good luck!

hollya42345 said...

I'm just now catching up on blog reading. I, too, know how difficult it is without a mom. 6/25/08, my mom had been gone 10 years. Seems like an eternity ago, but I remember it like yesterday. So many things I feel like we've been cheated out of, yet such a blessing that there is no more suffering for her. For me, I miss her just as much now as I did then. Things are definitely different. And when Barry's mom died in early 2007, it left the boys without a grandmother at all. So hard on them, so hard on me watching them. But, we still have wonderful memories, don't we? Cancer may take our loved ones from us, but it can't take away the memories!