Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things I will teach my kids, but wish I didn't have to

  1. Life is not fair and never will be.
  2. Sometimes God doesn't answer our prayers the way we want Him to.
  3. The people you love the most will hurt you the most.
  4. You can never please everyone, no matter how hard you try.
  5. Sometimes you must choose to forgive, even when no one has apologized.
  6. People you love will die unexpectedly, before their "time", and you must move on.
  7. When you make a mistake, don't let it eat you up inside. Brush yourself off, make amends if you can, learn from it, and move on.
  8. Time flies by even faster as you get older, even though it seems to drag on when you're a kid.
  9. Hug more, love more, give more...you never know how long you've got to show people you love them.
  10. The greatest gift you can ever receive is the salvation of Jesus Christ offered to you by grace alone from God. If you choose to receive this gift, use it wisely by doing your best to live it out every day in all you do. (Wait...now this one I want them to learn!)


Susan said...

Amen sister!!!

Anonymous said...


That covers a lot. ;)

masonb1 said...

These are good lessons that will do our kids good. Good post!
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