Sunday, September 07, 2008

Night before surgery

And I'm nervous. Not as much about the surgery as much as the traveling by myself with baby tomorrow night coming back home, and with baby again to pick him up later in the week. And about how he's going to feel after he's home, and how I'm going to handle taking care of 3 little kids and my one "big kid". I think I'll ask his doctor for some extra drugs for me. :0

We're heading to drop off the girls here in about 20 minutes with "Maggie" and Melissa for the night. It feels wierd taking them to separate places. They've never spent the night anywhere other than home and nana's, and have only been separated once, when Zachary was born. Hoping they'll enjoy and sleep well. They seem excited.

Keep Bryan in prayer for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery. Things will be a lot different after tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.


Susan said...

I will be praying!

Anonymous said...

M is fast asleep. My girl read her about her Disney trip with her scrapbook for about a half an hour and then there was some itching from a mosquito bite with my girl, some Cortaid, and quick slumber by 8:30.

All is well.

If you need help with Zach, I can probably handle him tomorrow. I have no idea when you all are headed out, though. I honestly didn't think about how much of a struggle that was going to be until you mentioned it.

Mainly...praying for you all.