Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A-traveling we go...

The amount of preparation involved in taking 3 kids along on a 3 day trip is just mind-boggling. We're taking a little mini-vacation tomorrow to Louisville to stay in a hotel with a pool, see the zoo, do some shopping, and visit friends.

For a little more sanity, I've made a list of stuff to not forget, plus I've printed out hotel, zoo, restaurant, mall and movie info to save some time when we arrive at these locations. Packing 2 bags for the girls, 2 for the baby, and 2 for us, plus a pool bag and miscellaneous bag with snacks, extra shoes, etc. And we have to bring the Pack-n-Play for Zach to sleep in.

I've been spending all day catching up laundry, dishes, and packing us up. I can see why some folks with young kids don't get out much--it's just so much work!

I did manage to get in a shower, then a 15 min segment of Pilates, 8 min abs and 8 min arms, and 8 min stretching. The girls did some of the exercises with me. It's entertaining just watching them.

Looking forward to a few days with the family, hoping we'll have a fairly relaxing, smooth trip. See you all next week!


Cheryl said...

are you getting my emails?

Anonymous said...

Sydney always does Pilates with me too. It's so cute! We are leaving Sunday for 2 weeks, and I'm stressed just thinking about all I need to do in the next couple of days! Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I remember those days. It seemed like every time we left the house, we took everything with us. Hang in there--it won't be like this forever.