Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I am finally getting ripe blueberries on my bushes. The girls and I picked enough to make the first blueberry pancakes of the season this morning. Let me tell you, nothing better than sleeping in, getting up and fixing blueberry pancakes for a late breakfast. Megan ate 4, Zoe had 3, and I think I had 5 :) Now some fresh coffee, and plans to play in the girls' new sprinkler outside in a little while.

I did have to wake up at 4 am when Zoe threw up a little and Zachary had to eat at the same time. Bryan handled Zoe, so I could nurse Zachary. But then I was able to sleep in til almost 8 today.

Now I just need some direction for the day. So far, I've been running in and out the last two days this week, so I've not exercised. Hoping to pick it back up soon, but I'm really so unmotivated and distracted with the "three". Trying to give myself grace and be patient with the process.


Susan said...

You are SO right....nothing better than blueberry pancakes!!! Now I'm wanting some. I just noticed yesterday that the blueberry sign is up on 431 for blueberries....I'm stopping today on the way home I think.

btw.....I've thought about buying my own blueberry bushes...have they been very difficult to take care of??

Have a great day! It's gorgeous out there right now (and I'm stuck in an office!)

5purposedriven said...

At that stage, I got a babysitter a few days a week during the summer so that I could go exercise. That was my indulgence. She played with the two while I nursed, and was just an extra set of hands a few days a week. I only did it for a few weeks, but it was so great to feel on top of things!