Monday, May 12, 2008

My NOT mother's day weekend

Yesterday was not Mother's Day. Well, that's what hubby says. He had to work most of the day, apart from having Zachary's baby dedication at church (forgot to take pics) and eating lunch afterward. So, he says next Sunday is Mother's Day for me. Next Saturday is also our 11th wedding anniversary, so it will be an interesting weekend. Hopefully we can squeeze a date in there. Hubby is dying to see Iron Man in the theater.

This past Saturday, Bryan's sister, Cheryl graduated from Lindsey Wilson College. We were able to come in late Friday night and make it to the ceremony, then left Saturday evening. We're very proud of her. She worked at the college while taking classes there too. Not an easy thing to do (I remember!) but she did it and we're happy for her. Now, no excuses on making us a new niece or nephew soon :)

Aunt Cheryl with our youngins. No, they don't substitute for kids of your own, so get busy ;)

Meg tries on the graduate hat. I'll see that again on her in too short a time. *sigh*

Zoe not really interested but obligingly tried it on. She was too busy thinking about plucking up the flowers from the landscaping.

Zachary had had enough of the bright sun and people hootin and hollerin.

My niece (17) and nephew (14) from Tennessee. He's grown a foot, I swear, since the last time I saw him. They're putting Miracle Gro in his food, I think. My niece will be graduating from high school next year *sniff*


Cheryl said...

Aww I made it in a blog story. How sweet! And give me a summer break and I will start on that kid thing :)

Misty said...

Well, of course. But after that, I'll have to bug you :)

Anonymous said...

Go Cheryl! Um, on graduating, not the "summer break thing".