Monday, April 21, 2008

My baby's a teenager!

Well, if you looked at his face, chest and top of his back, you'd almost think so. The baby acne has hit him quite badly. Megan had a bit, Zoe had a bit more, and Zachary's getting the most of it. I must have had hormones like crazy to give him such a bad case. Luckily, it will clear up on its own with just regular cleaning with water and/or mild baby soap by 4-6 months. Here's a description I read on

Introduction: To many parents' dismay, their beautiful newborn's face breaks out with red bumps. This is called baby acne. It tends to occur at about the same age as the baby's peak gas production and fussiness. (Boy, that IS Zachary to a "T" right now!) How attractive! (This all coincides with parents' maximum sleep deprivation.) Parents are often quite concerned both about how these bumps look and about their significance.

What is it?: The bumps of baby acne are quickly fleeting evidence of the connection between a mother’s body and her baby’s. During the final moments of pregnancy, her hormones cross the placenta into her child. Among other things (such as maturing the lungs), this stimulates the oil glands on the skin, eventually giving rise to the baby acne.

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