Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Crazy kiddos

Zachaboo has turned into Zachawail! If he's not sleeping, eating, or being held, he's crying. Well, at least it has been wearing him out during the day enough to take a good afternoon nap while Zoe naps and sleep for longer stretches at night. He's very content to ride along right up next to me in his sling. I have been able to get outside to do a bit of work the past couple of days with him sleeping away in there. But I do have to take him off every once in a while. Then, I just have to let him cry a bit. I hate to, but I do have to have a shower sometimes and take care of 2 other kiddos as well...and my back hurts after a few hours :)

Zoe...well, she's three...what more can I say about her? LOL!

Megan has now began calling little friends from school. Today, a little friend called her for the first time. I think they read their little school readers to each other over the phone. It's so funny and wierd too, seeing my little girl start calling friends...having a social life apart from home. Just strange :)


touchofglory said...

I know - they are growing up so fast! It won't be long until they get their driver's licenses and are out running around town together! :-(

Misty said...

*grabbing hair* AHHHHHHHHH!!!!