Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Here it goes

Yesterday, I began my first day alone as full time mama to all three kids. Bryan went back to work. As terrified as I was, it was ok. Everyone survived.

This morning, Bryan had to leave extra early for an out of town day trip, so I had to get Meg ready for school. Bryan had been doing it for the last couple weeks. I was lucky enough to get Zachary fed and back to sleep before she got up. Then, Zoe slept late as well, so I was able to lie down for another hour before Zachary woke up again.

Not exactly caught up on my sleep mind you, but every little bit helps.

Praying for God to help me balance my days and get everyone used to a new family member, to be really forgiving of myself and not worry about the house being a wreck. To be patient in developing a productive daily schedule while I recover from childbirth and adjust to new sleep patterns. To be sensitive to the needs of my family and be more grace-filled, more gentle and loving towards them, even when fatigue makes me super cranky. And most of all, to be thankful and content with what I have every day, to complain less and praise more.

"Thank you God, for giving me more strength than I thought possible, more patience than I can produce on my own, and enough love in my heart for my husband and all our kids, and thank You especially for the grace and love you show me. Amen"


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Misty, trust me it gets better! Praying for you-Emily K.

Misty said...

Thanks! I know you've got lots of experience with balancing your time! Hope all is well with you and yours too!

Stacey said...

I know I start sounding like a broken record, but I couldn't have done the second without having a sling to put her in. I could nurse in it and basically do whatever with her in it content (and usually asleep). It helped me to be able to maintain some normalcy with Haley.

I have one you can try if and when you are interested. Just lmk.

Anonymous said...

I used a sling with my later ones and loved it as well. In the winter, it shielded the babe from a love of well-meaning, but germ infested hands, too! I learned to walk covered, shop, and nurse all at the same time, which slowed me down, but I could keep going...the sling was a huge help in my day.

Love the serenity of this post. You are so awesome!

Susan said...

I was thinking about you this morning! I was out walking the dog and I saw M running to the bus. Praying for you as you adjust to three little ones! Call if you need HELP!!

Theresa said...

You know what, the house will keep, it's just going to get dirty anyway, LOL! Enjoy your time with your son. Bryan can clean or you can call your friends and we'll come help. It's a lot more fun to clean someone else's house than it is your own.

BTW, I tagged you on my blog because You really do make my day!