Friday, February 15, 2008

When you're down...

Go eat a chili cheese coney and mozzarella cheese sticks from Sonic. Well, no, you shouldn't do that. You should go jogging or something. But that's what a heavily "with child" woman does when she's down. :)

Actually, I was just craving that today for whatever reason, and I justified eating it because I had had a bad week. I'm probably going to pay for it later tonight...sorry hubby.

Backing up some, my Valentine's evening was nice. Hubby and I got the girls to bed on time and were able to curl up together and sip some sparkling cider and eat some of the Ghirardelli chocolates he got for me (he knows me well!). We cuddled and watched Batman Begins.

And now, for a few more of those chocolates with my green tea and a short break to play Everquest II. I like to divert my attention with chocolate and computer games when I've had a bad day :)

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Anonymous said...

Glad you got to cuddle and relax for a while. After the baby is born and you get adjusted to that, we'll all go golfing together - watching me play will lift your spirits! :-)