Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday, Monday

I'm getting harder to deal with as this pregnancy winds to a close. My poor hubby hears about all of my nesting "needs", and I've been so intolerant of people not pulling their weight, not picking up after themselves, etc. He's trying and working hard at work, here at home, at church, and building a new bunk bed for the girls. I'm sorry, dear hubby--I hope to at least be good on Valentine's Day :)

Everything and everyone is just getting to me. I have this unsatiable desire to completely ready the house for this baby, but these people I live with--well, they just keep eating and wearing clothes and using the toilet :) The events of the last week, along with the stomach virus that wiped me out, plus not having energy for more than a few hours at a time....all that just does not cooperate with my nesting desire.

I know in my head that we're ready for the most part, that carpets don't have to be spotless for a newborn, etc. So now, I've made myself sit down and relax a while. I'm treating myself to some turtle candy I bought at Cracker Barrel yesterday and I'm going to lie down and hopefully nod off a while while the girls are asleep.

Thank you Lord for children that still nap! You blessed me with good sleepers and I'm so grateful! *yawn*


Maggie said...

I hope you get everything ready and feel calm. Personally, I would be very nervous to visit anyone who had clean carpets, so there.

If you have dishes in your sink, I'll do them for you. I like someting to do while you feed the baby.

If you need clothes folded...well, for now you have to do that yourself. I have no desire to see your underwear, though if push came to shove, I would (no cliche seems to work here, so I'll just say fold them).

Misty said...

Thanks for the offer. I wouldn't make anybody fold my undies, but you're welcome to the kids' clothes and towels :)

Now I'm obsessed with finding new pillows for our spare bedrooms when family come to stay. My mind is never bored :)

Stacey said...

I feel the same way as you and I'm not nesting. Hmmm... I hope there's no deeper meaning other than tired of winter and ready to be able to play outside! ;)