Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where have I been?

Well, my baby (my Dell laptop that is) has a bad video card, so I've been forced to come downstairs into our dusty basement to use our standby PC. I've no games on this one now, so I'm in withdrawal. We've found a few cheaper used cards on Ebay so we'll be getting one of those soon. I just feel lost without my baby, err, laptop.

Plus, I've had a terrible cold that started in my nose and went down into my throat and chest. I completely lost my voice on Sunday and felt lousy over the weekend, so I stayed home from church and rested while hubby was nice enough to take the girls with him and on to a birthday party for one of Meg's school buddies afterward. My blog-friend and local mom friend, Melissa, took Megan to another birthday party for a schoolmate that happened to be just after the first one, so I had a nice quiet day to rest. Thanks to hubby and Melissa for that.

Also, my washing machine broke--so that kinda puts life on hold here as the laundry monster looms. We went to Sears Saturday night to purchase a new one. I did a little research and found one with decent reviews for a reasonable price. It's a bigger capacity too, so that will come in handy as #3 appears and I have yet MORE laundry to do. It will be ready for pickup today, so hubby will be on his way after work to pick it up. Pray for it's safe arrival here :) We haven't had the best of luck with driving large appliances home (ask me about the dryer sometime).

I've been doing more nesting as well. Saturday night we visited Lowe's and bought a closet organizer system and some nice bins for storage for the girls' room. Yesterday, I went through a few boxes of baby clothes to find things that Zach could wear. I had a whole cycle of emotions going on. First I was happy to look through the little baby clothes again. Then I was sad that some of my favorite outfits that the girls wore wouldn't be worn by another daughter of mine. Then I felt lucky to have seen two daughters wear the outfits. Finally, I felt hopeful that one of my sisters-in-law would have a little girl and I would see them worn again ;) Pregnancy moods--lovely


Maggie said...

I remember those emotions when I had a girl after my first boy, wondering if they'd ever again be worn. What is it about our attachment to baby clothes? Whew.

Just wanted to let you know that I noticed Bryan leaving the church with two girls in tow sunday and realized you must feel worse. I prayed for you and missed you. Meant to call, but you know, I've been busy...all this cold and winter and chocolate to eat.

Misty said...

Wouldn't have done much good to call that day. All I could manage was a whisper. But thanks for thinking of me :)

Melissa H. said...

We had a great time with the kids on Sunday afternoon. Our van was full of laughter! Let me know if there's ever anything I can do to help you!