Thursday, January 31, 2008

First snow day of the season!

I think we got a bit of an answered prayer. Meg has been suffering from school burnout and I had actually planned on going there to eat lunch with her today to help her feel better. This morning, the snow was falling heavily, yet no news of school closing at bus pickup time. So, she got on the bus, and not 10 minutes later, her bus driver called and said he was bringing her back because they had just cancelled school.

So, we threw just a few snowballs at each other and daddy as he was leaving, and now we're inside, the girls eating together, watching their newest Yogi Bear movie. I'm glad Meg got a break today. She may even be home tomorrow, depending on how much more we get. Reports say the biggest of it is coming this evening.

Anyway, I'm happy today to have my girls here together today. Now, back to my coffee and Good Morning America.


Stacey said...

We had the exact same experience today, too. I don't know what took them so long to make a decision. Haley is at my mother-in-laws house since she is her bus driver... she didn't want to have to drive any further than she had to after they canceled it!

Enjoy your snow day!

Anonymous said...

Well I am so happy for that girl! I am so glad that those sisters get to be together today. Makes me smile to think of them being together today.

Yay for snow days! We didn't get any here :( But yay that you all did.


Susan said...

I'm glad that Megan got to stay home today! I'm sure she was excited! Have a great day snuggled in the house. O'boro got NOTHING.....yet.