Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back to Nesting

Since the holiday season is finally over (where did it go??), I'm back into nesting mode. I took down the tree over the weekend and got the rest of the decor down yesterday. I cleaned the living room really well, even vaccuuming around the baseboards. Got some more laundry caught up.

Today, I'm alternating between laundry, cleaning up bedrooms, and shampooing the living room. I was way behind on carpet shampooing. And now I'm almost out of detergent, but I'm going to keep at it until I run out today. I'm doing a few passes at a time, then taking a break in between to do the other chores and rest my back. My Hoover steam cleaner is great, but it's heavy and can do a number on your back if you overdo it.

I'm getting really anxious to get things ready for the baby. I've got to start getting Zoe's clothes into Megan's room. We're brainstorming ideas to organize the closet better. I think we're going to storm Lowe's this weekend and buy one of those orgnanizer system things, plus some extra bins, etc for shoes and out-of-season clothes.

Bryan wants to build the girls a bunk-bed and is looking for plans and ideas for that. He has already been offered help from our neighbor (the one who had the heart bypass a while back). He is a good woodworker and has a nice shop in his garage.

I'm not in much of a rush to move the girls in together, since Zachary will be in our room for the first few months, but we do need to keep moving in that direction. Anybody have any organizing ideas for clothing and toys when you move two kids in one room? I'm up to any suggestions.


Maggie said...

There were still times I liked having a place to put the child in a nursery, like shower-time. We moved #2 a bit early so that it would be fun preparation, and they wouldn't feel moved out by the new member later...it seemed to work well. Anything would probably work...your #2 seems to adjust well to anything.

TOYS...wow, I really minimized toys. I kept all toys in their room with any small parts...I did stacking clear container, and clear drawers with labels so that they'd know better how to clean up and where things went. I grouped things into collections as much as I could and got rid of anything else.

I wanted the baby to be able to be in the family zone areas without having to worry so much about Barbie shoes being chocked on.

I had a baby here yesterday and soon remembered my name for babies in that crawling stage "Hoover".

Speaking of which, my Hoover steamer has sprung a leak around the tank valve. I have no idea how to get it replaced or if it can be, but I'm going to need to check into it.

You are right...plenty of time to keep adjusting, so take it easy! When are you due again?

Misty said...

March 8 is the due date according to the midwives. Wouldn't be surprised if he is a week or so early--the girls were both early.

Melissa H. said...

I'm not sure if they still have them, but Pottery Barn Kids did have some stackable storage bins that I thought about getting for the kids' playroom for better organization. When we had Sydney, we lived in a one bedroom house with ONE closet. She slept in the bassinet by our bed and we somehow made room for clothes, toys, etc. If we can help you guys, let us know!

Misty said...

I think that's a great idea--we need to utilize more height in that room. We have toy bins/shelves, but they are just lined along the walls and don't stack very high. It's a relatively small room so stackable things would be a great way to save room.

Joni said...

Don't know if this helps but we keep about half of the toys in a rubbermaid tub in the closet. When the kids get restless we switch out a few toys. If one thing comes out, one thing goes in. Its just too much to keep up with. Doug built small bookshelves to fit under the window for toys--bins, containers, etc.
When our #3 came along, we moved JD into Maddie's room in bunkbeds which freed up a wall for the dresser/changing table and play area. We did it prior to the new baby arriving so they could get used to each other and actually falling asleep in the same room without playing. They were only 19 months apart and still napped.