Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well, it's went from Woohoo! to Good Grief!

Friday after the guys finished resealing our driveway, our septic system backed up and started coming into the basement. We've been having trouble with it off and on for a couple years.

We have big old trees all around our house, and their big, hungry roots have grown all up in it and the lateral lines. The pipes will all need to be replaced. The place is some 40 years old, so the pipes are clay and the roots just love them! : (

I am NOT loving this mess. Our backyard is all dug up from 2 different plumbers inspecting it over the weekend. Bryan has had to buy a submersible pump to pump out the foul liquid that is backing up until we can get it resolved. So at least once a day, we'll have to go out and pump out our waste water so it doesn't back up into the house.

Until we get it repaired, that is. We got a very ballpark estimate from the plumber that is a lot more than we were prepared for. After we get a perk (sp?) test from the health department, then he can give us a more concrete figure.

I'm tellin ya....a condo in Florida sounds better all the time. Come on retirement! ;)


Maggie said...

That's nuts. But I have always admired your big, looming trees. People just plant the darn things TOO CLOSE To the house.

I'm so sorry. Come hang out somewhere this week. We did have one toilet back up this weekend, but a have a great in house fix it guy and it's all fixed now!

Stacey said...

O, man! That sounds just miserable. We have had a little septic problem in the past but thankfully it turned out much better than yours is.

I hope it is resolved quickly! Nothing worse than having to pump out yucky water!