Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Checking in quickly

Just checking in while I'm home during fall break. We took a mini-vacation to a local town on Mon and Tues. Stayed in a hotel with a pool and had a pizza-campout in our room. The girls slept together for the first time in a double bed there (and not well, mind you). It was about 3 in the morning before Zoe finally stopped wiggling around--also, the Coke Zero we drank that hubby claimed had no caffeine actually DID have caffeine, so Zoe and I were both up half the night.

Anywho, the zoo the next day--a small zoo, but nice in that it's very see-able in just one day without getting exhausted. And back home last night.

Bryan will be out of town on business, so the girls and I are heading back to our hometown to visit family, and so I can help my dad out with a few important errands. Hopefully we'll be back by Saturday and back in Bloggity-ville. Thanks for sticking it out with me. Hope you're all enjoying fall!


Maggie said...

Great to hear from you! Have loads of fun! I can't wait to see your pics!

Joni said...

We took the kids to a hotel for an overnight once. Got a suite with a pull out sofa for the kids to sleep on. All three in one place! They'd never done that either. And I think they got as much sleep as yours did! Doug & I were pretty frustrated then but I look back and think how fun that was everyone all crammed together and giggling, rolling around just like me and my sisters and cousins did growing up. It didn't kill us being tired the next day. I don't even think we WERE tired the next day.