Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Times are changin'

This week, I've been blog-lazy, but I've been pre-occupied with new changes of the season. Mostly, the much-needed rain that has brought with it really cool temperatures.

Yesterday, I began digging out pants for the girls and even exchanged some shorts for pants in their clothes cubby. Megan has worn a sweater for the last two mornings.

Today was pajama day at Meg's school. It seemed really funny getting her out of her pajamas to get dressed in another pair :)

I've been so proud of how she's doing in school. She's learning to read more every day. Much of the things they learn have been review for her since she went to preschool for 2 years. She's scored 100% on all 3 of her AR Reading books for this 9 weeks already. She has had a few problems keeping quiet when necessary (surprise, surprise!), but other than that, she's behaving really well. I'm so glad I sent her to Pre-K.

I'm also excited about something else we've been doing together. I've started teaching Megan a new Bible verse each week. When she was in pre-K at our church, she learned verses every week, but of course in public school they don't teach that, so I thought it would help keep her mind in the right place.

This week, I entered the second trimester of what I hope to be my last pregnancy. I've been excited too, because I've felt little "bumps" in there that I'm sure is the baby moving. If it was my first pregnancy, I might confuse it with gas, but I know better :) Now Megan can't wait to feel the baby for herself. I'm excited to share this with her too, now that she's old enough to understand what's happening.


Anonymous said...

Hurray for little Megan. It sounds like she is doing really well. I know what you mean about the cooler weather. I'm loving it and I can definitely feel the change in the air. It does tend to make me a bit slower right now.

Cheryl said...

I can't wait to feel that baby either. Little bumps......i'm so excited! Megan won't know what to think when she feels big kicks will she? Your last pregnancy is kinda making me sad. I told mom the other day that I wish this wasn't the last one.....she said....well how many do you want them to have. I said I don't know I have just enjoyed waiting on another one to come after another and well after another.

I will miss waiting on babies :( But will totally enjoy the ones that I have. I hope this one is a little Zachary. Wouldn't that be crazy. When Megan and Zoe stayed last time I asked Megan "what if it is a boy, you don't have boy clothes", she said, "we can go to wal mart shopping", or something like that. You could see the wheels turning up there in that little brain. I have a feeling you will have your hands full with Megan being the "big girl" and wanting to help with the baby. She actually will be a lot of help to you I would say.

Maggie said...

Awesome stuff! I miss "gas"!

I felt it for a long time after my was like phantom baby. I missed the feeling of pregnancy, probably because it was my last.

Misty said...

It IS kinda bittersweet thinking this will be our last. If we had more money, room, time, and a nanny (ha, ha) I might even have a couple more. But I'm ready to move into the next phase of our lives--just raising our kids and watching them grow.