Thursday, September 06, 2007

Oh, my droopy lids...

"Maggie" had a good post about what the Bible says about eyelids today :) I asked what the Bible says about my droopy eyelids when I've been up half the night due to prenancy insomnia, my husband snoring, and Zoe having night terrors. Here are some nice verses she shared:

"I will lie down in peace and sleep, for thou, O Lord, makest me to lie down in safety"

"God grants sleep to those he loves"

"even in the darkness, I am still with You."

I went from having lots of good productive energy yesterday to dragging my behind around this morning. I hope God will grant me sleep later today--and that Zoe will comply and take a nap too.

Have any of you had children with night terrors? Zoe's been waking up almost every night, sometimes a couple times a night, crying, then screaming at the top of her lungs. Most of the time, we just go in, talk quietly to her and rub her back and she's right back to sleep. Sometimes, like last night, she babbles about scary stuff--"Where Mommy, Megan??" She was shaking hard too, but did go back to sleep quickly.

I remember Meg going through that shortly after my mom passed away when she was around 22 months old. I thought it was attributed to the stress of that situation, but we haven't had anything very stressful around here since Zoe's been having these episodes. Is that just a developmental thing, like separation anxiety or something?

And how about snoring? Has anyone tried the Breathe Right strips? Sometimes hubby just snores so badly, I can't stay asleep. I've tried the couch, but that just don't cut it.


Kim said...

Sorry to hear about sweet little Zoe. We haven't ever experienced night tremors so I have no advice to offer. However, hubby has tried those strips and they DON'T WORK. I use ear plugs. They don't completely block the snoring but helps enough so I can drift off to sleep.

Stacey said...

I had night terrors as a child. I can talk to you more in person, if you like. :)

I was taken to a specialist... they did an EEG to make sure nothing was wrong. Then they prescribed me some little pill. It helped but I don't remember taking it for a long time. My night terrors were really creepy. I would talk but my parents did not understand what I was saying, I always had a weird vacant stare in my eyes, and would sometimes sleep walk. My parents said it was like I was from the exorcist. EEkk!

Anyways, the good news is that I outgrew them and have not had them since I was a child.

I pray you get some sleep soon! I can remember those sleepy preggo days!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember ever having night terrors, but I used to be a frequent sleepwalker. For two years, I would have about 1 episode a week, then just like that they quit. Sometimes we go through strange things. I hope your little angel doesn't continue to have this happen, she is so precious.