Friday, August 31, 2007

Random stuff

First a big woohoo! My best friend Jamie out in central KY is about 20 weeks along, and just had her big ultrasound today--she's having a boy and all looks well! I'm so excited. She and her husband want to name him Austin, but their 4 year old daughter Kaitlyn wants to name him Elmo :) She had a miscarriage just about a month before mine right around the same gestation too, and we both got pregnant again right after it happened, so maybe we'll follow in her footsteps again and have a boy too? In any case, I just hope we continue to have a healthy happy little baby in there. A Zachary would be great, but we'll love a little Lauren too.

Also had lunch with "Maggie" today and 3 other lovely ladies, one of whom has a daughter Zoe's age and they were able to play together while we had some great chat time. I also found out that all of us have blogs, so now I'm linking my new blog buddies for your blog-reading pleasure. I'm excited to expand my blog universe!

Finally, has anyone else with new school-going kids felt total burnout already? Poor Meg hasn't gotten used to such long days yet and is as cranky as a hornet when she gets home. I've had to make her take a nap after school some days just to get some peace. Then, there's all the stuff they send home every day. We're already doing a fundraiser and a book order and she's had 2 Accelerated Reading books/tests plus notes and forms's just so hard to keep it all together, to make sure she has her snack packed each day and what not. I've been so exhausted by the end of the day. Poor Bryan is being neglected, because as soon as he gets home, it's supper, bath, and bedtime, then I'm just pooped out. How do you fit in "couple time"?


Kim said...

I remember when the girls first started school. They came home so completely worn out and usually ended up crashing on the couch. It does seem like the papers slow down somewhat after a month or so and I have come to almost boycott fundraisers. I may buy something and both g-mothers buy but that's it. It seems like we have a fundraiser every single month and it gets old really really fast. I would rather just donate money directly to the school instead of having to pay for things I don't really like or need. Now...about the whole AR books/tests...I CAN'T STAND IT!!!! The kids do get some time during the day to read but the majority must be done at night or on Family Reading Night/PTO. I am all for kids reading...don't get me wrong...but if you don't meet your "goal" at the end of the 9 weeks then you just don't get to participate in the party/trip. It doesn't even matter if you actually read the books but you must pass the test. just wears me out and when my girls get upset because they are .5 points away from their goal and the end of the 9 weeks is tomorrow then I get a little annoyed. I guess I have complained enough...sorry, I didn't mean to go on and on. By the way...I had a great time at lunch today!!! Let's do it again soon.

Stacey said...

If you figure out how to fit it all in... please let me know. I am still pooped and having a hard time keeping it all together. 1st grade is demanding!!

I can't imagine how you're doing it all and carrying a new peanut, too!

Maggie said...

" a new peanut"...that's funny!

Alright ya'll...Goldilocks just accepted Jesus...I'm out of touch at the moment.

I'll come back and answer the question in a moment. Nothing seems to matter in this moment.

I'm really just here to scream and shout and yell and do backflips.

Joni said...

Yeeeeeeeeessssss! Maddie is the same way. Not transitioning well from the 2 1/2 hr. Kindergarten to the 6 hr. 1st grade. Her teacher sent home a note the 1st day saying that the kids will adjust. She says she is lonely too. Because she has worksheets to do every night to practice letters and numbers and stuff which means she can't play with the siblings she hasn't seen all day until its done. And she's awake while they nap. But then when they are together, they all fight. I'm hoping it will work itself out with a little guidance(yelling) from mom.

I put one of those magazine holders (we got at IKEA $4.95-they have them at Target or anywhere like that) on our counter with a folder for all of Maddie's keep at home papers. The first thing we do when she gets home is go through her backpack. The teacher gives each kid a take home folder and separates things that stay home from homework or forms to return. So I look through Maddie's school work and set it next to the mail for Doug to see. Then we set Maddie's homework in the napkin holder on the table and after a little break, she completes it, back in the take home folder, folder in the backpack and hung up in the laundry room(near the garage door where we leave in the a.m.) Anything that has a date on it or relates to schedules, gets put on the calendar right away and the paper goes in the magazine holder in case I need it again.

Don't I just have it all together?!

CJ said...

I had not thought of it until just now. When you have a new college student, you don't have to deal with all that STUFF. No papers to sign and send back, no fundraisers (at least not the World's Famous Chocolate kind). What you do get is a kid coming home on weekends bearing laundry. One week is not so bad, but he's not coming home this weekend so we'll see. Praise God for the new washer/dryer!!!!!

Misty said...

Thanks for all the support ladies. I'm all for the support over here!