Thursday, August 30, 2007

A couple of prayer requests

*Edit: Our neighbor Harold is having the bypass this morning. Pray for all to go well and for him to come home soon.
First, for my dad. He's been experiencing terrible pelvic/kidney pain for a few months now and several tests have been run but nothing has been found so far. One more test will be run in late September. There is a possiblity it's related to his back injury and the steel rods he has in there pushing on the nerves, etc. That would be bad if they have to go back in, so lift him up in prayer that the problem will be found and fixed before it gets to that.

Second, for our neighbor Harold. He's in his late 70's and otherwise healthy as a horse, but just found out yesterday he'll need at least a triple bypass soon. He's in a nearby town, awaiting the scheduling, so we're checking his mail for him while he's gone. He's the kind of neighbor everyone wants--so kind and generous and thoughtful. Pray that the bypass will be scheduled soon, will be done precisely and thoroughly and that he'll recover well. We'd love him to stick around for a long time!


Maggie said...

I love your new layout and much easier on my eyes somehow! Thanks for the requests. Lifting.

Misty said...

Thanks! And thanks for helping me figure out header design. For a few days after your tutorial, I was still a bit boggled, then yesterday, I sat down and just kinda "got it". I still have a ways to go, but it's fun!