Monday, May 21, 2007

Busy, busy!

We ended up celebrating our 10th anniversary by hurriedly dropping the girls off at my in-laws Friday afternoon when we finally decided Megan was well enough to travel and headed for Louisville where Bryan graduated from a training course that he had taken with his company.

The dinner was swanky. Tuxedo-clad waiters holding trays of hors d'ouvres and champagne when we arrived. An ice sculpture in the center of the room with the company logo, surrounded by huge cocktail shrimp. A live blues band provided great entertainment. The dinner included three courses--four if you count the sorbet served after the salad to "clean the palate". Very artistically designed courses too. But delicious! We were happy to have a nice elegant (and free!) meal together.

We got home around 11:30 pm and had to get up the next morning at 5:45 to make it to a company golf outing. It was my first time playing on an actual course. I wasn't good. Not at all. Not even a little. But we had a great time. Bryan had wanted to play golf with me for a long time. I even won a new putter as a door prize.
We traveled back to the in-laws later, rested up and spent the night, visited my dad the next day and headed back home. We were really lucky to stop in Fazoli's on the way and met some good friends of ours who happened to be heading back home to Nashville from visiting their family. We got to visit with them and their boys and headed home.

Megan is doing much better. Her appetite is not great but she's eating and drinking more. She has lost a little weight so she's bonier than ever, but she'll be ok. So far, no one else has caught it. I thought she had gotten thrush on her tongue this morning and took her back to the doc and she said it was just "geographic tongue"--a result of mild dehydration from the sickness and that it's nothing to worry about. At least no more suppositories! I think we'll be ready for "Buddy" to come back tomorrow and resume a normal week again....until the weekend when we'll be headed to Florida--woohoo!

The rest of today...washing up sick bedding and clothes, shampooing couch and carpet around it, and disinfecting the bathroom. While I'm doing that, enjoy some pics we took of recent events.

Grip it and rip it! The best thing about this shot was hubby's great rendering of it.

Our little Meg reciting her "teacher" poem. She did such a great job, even as sick as she was.


Joni Ruhs said...

Happy belated anniversary! Isn't it fun to get to play dress up and go to (free)swanky events? Last time I played golf, which was the first time I ever played on a course, I used the ENTIRE course. I figure, if you have to pay for it, may as well get your money's worth and hit it all over as many times as possible! Enjoy your Florida trip.

Had all 3 of mine go through the vomiting thing earlier this month. Took about 2 1/2 weeks to get through everybody. Yeah, lots of washing, shampooing and disinfecting. Enjoy your fabulously clean house!

Misty said...

Thanks! I got the ball in the woods, in the water, and once even through the golf cart, barely missing hubby's head :) It was fun though!