Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm happy and disappointed at the same time...

The good news: We sold our Grand Prix just three days after we moved it to a different location for people to see. (If you'll remember from a post back in Feb, we bought a Bonneville in Chicago, so we didn't need this one anymore) Woohoo! Now we can pay off our truck and some other minor bills.

The potentially disappointing news: Bryan is headed out of town yet again for two nights and TODAY I get a positive ovulation test. Today, on day 14 of my cycle--hoping like crazy I would get positive test YESTERDAY...but, no, today, which means I'll probably ovulate tomorrow. Which means, we've probably missed our window yet again. We've had two nights this week, so maybe that will work, but as we're trying the Shettles method--we're supposed to time it as close to ovulation as possible for a boy. So, we'll either miss it again or get another girl. Don't get me wrong--we'd still love another girl too, but just knowing we're missing that 24 hour window.....I'm just so frustrated. I don't know why these stupid trips have to coincide with my ovulation. Why can't we just live up there so he doesn't have to go away? Well, I'm going to eat some chocolate hazelnut pirhouette cookies and drink some decaf and sulk awhile. Then I'll be ok.

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