Thursday, February 01, 2007

Man, I'm so mad!

Lots of reports of 2-4 inches of snow supposed to be on the ground today--yeah, right! I can still see the grass. And they called off school today--why?? Sheesh, people in Kentucky are so afraid of snow. I swear I've seen snow trucks passing by on our little road at least 6 times. There IS no snow on our road, and the asphalt itself is probably melting from all the salt. So, now I'm stuck inside with the girls and can't even play in the snow. The weather folks say we might get more this evening. I wouldn't count on it. I'm just so mad. If it's going to snow, then SNOW!!!

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massivetruth said...

Yeah, Plainview is the same way. We were told there was going to be 4 inches and every where sold out of bottled water and eggs. My wife and I laughed.