Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wednesday's Faves and Flops

My fave today: My hubby! I just dearly love him. He got me a new 1 GB memory card for my new camera, so now I can take more than 8 pictures at a time :) That's not the only reason I love him, by the way. I have loved him since we were 16 and he's a great husband, provider, and daddy. I love the way he makes me laugh and I love how his eyes light up when he smiles. His blue eyes are gorgeous, his smile is infectious. I'm blessed to be his wife.

*PS--No, I'm not trying to score an extra present either :)

My flop today: Caffeine withdrawal. I'm beginning the cutting off the caffeine process. I have a constant dull headache and I'm draggy. I miss caffeine. But hopefully something good will come of it soon :D

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