Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday's Faves and Flops

For my fave today, I've decided to list some things I'm thankful that I've learned as a mom. And my flop--another movie review. Here goes:

Wednesday's Fave--Things I'm thankful fo have learned as a mom

  1. Kids don't need baths every day, especially babies. This will change as they get older and do things that get them dirtier, like football, mud-fighting, etc.

  2. Toddlers, babies, and doors don't mix!

  3. Rocking a freshly-bathed baby is one of the best experiences in the world, especially if you don't bathe them every day (see #1).

  4. Screaming children, especially little girls, can reach decibels that can rattle the teeth in your head.

  5. It will take a proportionately longer time to get ready to go anywhere depending on the number of children you have.

  6. You will usually be at least a little late everywhere you go when kids are small, unless you don't sleep.

  7. You will not sleep as soundly as you once did--every cough, sigh, burp, or other utterance will be heard, even through closed bedroom doors.

  8. It is often not worth the argument to get kids to eat something they don't want.

  9. Any food that is "new" is a food kids don't want.

  10. Unless that food is candy.

  11. Or cookies (but NOT oatmeal raisin, as my Meg reminded me 50 times in Kroger today)

  12. A baby's giggle is one of the sweetest sounds you'll ever hear.

  13. Hearing your baby say "I wuv oo" for the first time--also one of the sweetest sounds.

  14. Hearing your child say their bedtime prayers, thanking God for mom and dad, nana and papa, siblings, toys, all the animals, all the grass, the sun, food, all the houses, and anything else they can think of.......priceless.

Wednesday's Flop--The Break-Up

This movie started out pretty good, kinda funny, then got really dramatic. I was hoping for the happy ending, for the twist, but did not get it. Real disappointment. It was too real. If I wanted to see that, I'd just eaves drop on some couples we know. If you're into drama and don't mind a movie without a happy ending, then go for it. If you'd like to escape reality for a couple hours, choose anything else. There's my 2 cents. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

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