Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday's Faves and Flops

I like rainy days. Except that I just want to curl up and sleep all day and can't but other than that, I get mundane stuff done fairly well. I have managed to complete nearly all my Christmas shopping ONLINE (woohoo!) This doesn't seem like that big of an accomplishment, but if you knew how much I hate shopping then, yes, it is! And, being the clever little computer chick that I am, I have also made up a nice Christmas list on Excel, on which I have listed all the people I'm buying for, what I have bought them (and would like to buy), and how much I've spent, with a summed up total on the bottom of that column as well. I have also color coded the list and when I finish up shopping for someone, their name is in GREEN, and gifts I have yet to buy (or ideas) I have in RED. I have printed out all of the receipts as well so that I can keep up with what I have bought and when they are shipped. I feel like the holiday season is going to be more controlled this year. I love feeling organized. It doesn't happen often enough. On to this week's faves and flops:

Wednesday's Fave: Click
Hubby and I had not rented a movie in such a long time until a couple weeks ago, when we watched Saw II (really gross, but really twisty plot). We decided to rent Click and watched it night before last. We loved it! It's about a man who is a workaholic and decides to buy a universal remote control to "make life easier". Well, he ends up in a Bed, Bath, and Beyond, where "Beyond" is staffed by a mad scientist looking fellow by the name of Morty (Christopher Walken). He gives him the remote, which Mike (Adam Sandler) finds out can actually control real life like a Tivo. The movie begins like the other slapstick, raw humor of previous Adam Sandler movies, but this time, ends with a really serious story and hubby and I were both teary eyed. The point of the movie is that all of life has a purpose--the good and the bad and that you really don't want to miss any of it, or you'll regret it. If you want a good date movie and don't mind a few curse words and sexual innuendos (put the kids to bed!), pop some corn and snuggle up to watch this. It REALLY is good!
Wednesday's Flop: Retailers who don't offer online products/pricing or don't take debit cards
It's time to get out of the Stone Ages, people. Debit/credit cards are fast and convenient and most consumers in the developed world are using them. Many, many consumers now also have online access and at least offering a catalog/pricing of items in a store is a good way for people to do research. Even little mom/pop shops could offer a website with at least an e-mail link for questions. Technology is not scary. It's useful.
As for the debit/credit cards, checks are for little old ladies in Wal-Mart who take 10 minutes to fill them out only AFTER all is rang up, then mess it up and start over. You can still keep up with what you spend. No one will steal your soul. It's not the mark of the beast. I think a lot of people are afraid of identity theft/robbery with credit cards, which is a concern. But, you can take precautions here. Make sure only to buy from websites that are secure, do not share your PIN with anyone, and find out about the credit company's policies on theft. Most of them will not hold you responsible if a card is stolen and charged. I know. I had it happen to me--on my last day of work before I left to be a stay-at-home mom. I had $600 charged to the Discover and I was not responsible for a penny of it. You can easily call their 800 numbers too and often can get the card cancelled before they can even charge anything. As for checks and money, if those are stolen, well, the money is gone, and you may be responsible for stolen funds from your banking account. Now, who's going to call their bank?


Cheryl said...

You won't believe this but I got an application for a debit card this week and I am hopefully taking it back today or tomorrow....i don't want to be that little old lady :0)

Misty said...

Bless your heart. People behind you will love you for it :)

jennee said...

Another good option - Have you ever heard of Bill Me Later? You just click on “Bill Me Later” at checkout, fill in a simple form with just two questions, and THAT’S IT! Your purchase is paid for and you get a bill in the mail. Without giving out any credit card or sensitive information. I just started working for Bill Me Later, so before I took the job, I figured I’d better try it out. I have to admit I was still a little skeptical about how it would work, even knowing that it was a legit company, but it was so simple. The approval was so fast, I was like, “Is that it? Am I done?” And I was. Then I got a bill in the mail a week or so later, and I could choose to pay it off by the due date or pay the minimum payment, really just like a credit card bill. I’m not just saying this because I now work there. I’m a satisfied customer too, and want to spread the word.

Misty said...

Thanks for posting Jennee. I've never heard of that option. Is that offered in just your region or on certain websites? I would be curious to know where it is offered.

jennee said...

Actually, Bill Me Later is available at more than 300 online merchants, including WalMart, Toys R Us, eToys, American Girl, Dick's Sporting Goods, and lots of others. Check out and let me know what you think!