Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wednesday's Faves and Flops

It was so quiet yesterday. No preschool, no babysitting, and the girls were very mellow. I liked yesterday. I want more yesterdays. Today is back to the usual chaos, with someone in trouble every 5 minutes. Keeps me on my toes I guess. I had to delve deep into the cobwebby recesses of my mind to seek out my faves and flops today. Here's what I came up with:

Wednesday's Fave: Activia Yogurt from Dannon
It really seems to work like it says it does. I've tried it every day for two weeks like the "challenge" says to do, starting right at the tail of that flu I had. My tummy was all bloated up and crampy and not well, and after a couple days eating this, it really got things going :) And I felt better. I haven't been bloated, and things have been normal in the digestive tract. It tastes good too, which is a big plus. Also makes really good fruit smoothies--take 2 containers of the vanilla, mix with half a carton of chopped strawberries (or two bananas is great too), a little milk and about a tablespoon of honey, and voila! It's become one of my girls favorite treats.

Wednesday's Flop: POLITICS!
Sick, sick, sick of hearing it and I'm glad election day is over and I don't really care who won what seat. I've heard so much mudslinging going on that it has sickened me and I really don't think any politicians have the public's interests at heart. Perhaps some of them start out that way, but many just end up in corruption or uneffectiveness. I realize they're just people and not superheroes, but I don't like people making promises they don't keep and especially pointing fingers at everyone else. It's ugly, and I'm tired of it. I've got enough to worry about.

Did you like my faves and flops today? Don't let the tumbleweeds blow by on here--post a comment if you drop by, if only "Yo, wuz up?" I can see people are coming by the stat counter, but not many are leaving a message.


Cheryl said...

Activia Yogurt got to try. Politics, I am with you, preach on sister!

Misty said...

Can I hear an AMEN!?

Maggie said...

I had some trouble with blogger commenting last week. the yogurt!

Yup...tired of politics...not only their irresponsibility, but my own. I've got some "involvement" to do.

I've pledged to myself to somehow get the state roster of bill proposals available to everyone in the one asks for it. Really a shame.


Misty said...

True, we should all get MORE involved and actually educate ourselves about the issues at stake and try to support people who seem to support those same interests, or the lesser of two evils, perhaps.