Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wednesday's Faves and Flops

Are you ready? Put down those Sweet Tarts and Snickers you pilfered from the kids' treat sacks--or just snack on them as you read :)

Wednesday's Fave: Zoo Tycoon!!
As most of you know, I'm a computer game junkie. I currently switch back and forth from The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion to Zoo Tycoon 2. I just got the most recent expansion pack yesterday--Marine Mania 2. I haven't had the time to play much yet, but going through the tutorials was even fun! You can build marine exhibits, and add show animals and train them. This game lets you get into first person (zookeeper) mode and walk around like you're really there, really caring for the animals, along with overhead modes for building, etc. If your kids (or you) are into gaming, and you want a good game that is free of violence and explicit material, this is the game for you. Zoo Tycoon 1 is good too, except it doesn't have zookeeper modes, but can be played on older systems.

Wednesday's Flop: Afrin 12-hour Nasal Spray
More like 6 hours with severe congestion, and the lousy thing is--it says you cannot use it for more than 3 days. I NEVER have congestion for less than 3 days. Apparently if you use decongestants too much, you can make congestion WORSE!!?? I really can't understand that. How about designing some that you can use the whole time you have a cold and they actually work to clear the congestion and don't have wierd effects? Anyone know of any? I'm using plain saline spray now to break it up and keep things flowing, and that is helping some, but when a cold actually hits, I need something to clear it out fast and get going again. So, it's more of a rant than a review, really. I hate being sick *whine*.

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Magnaniminity said...

A good sudefed will help you use Afrin less. It says less than three days because it opens the nasal passages medically. If you take it too much, apparently your passages become addicted to it and forget to do any opening on their own. What we tend to do is use the regular dose rather than the 12 hour and ONLY use if for emergenies (wake in the middle of the nights and absolutely cannot breathe even with other meds on board, needing to speak or sing, get going in the AM). You can likely go up to a week with this sporatic use with no problems. Though I am no medical expert and you should consult a real doc and all that jazz.