Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday's Laugh Out Loud :-D

Today's Laugh Out Loud is more like a "Wow!" Out Loud. Check out the video below. This took much time and effort for these guys. The video is about 3 minutes long, but well worth it just for the "Wow!" effect. I don't know the chemistry behind this yet, but I'm curious enough to start researching. Hope you enjoy!!

*Edit--Ok, ok, I just went and researched it--there is, in fact, no CHEMICAL reaction at all. It is purely a physical one. The surface tension of the soda (other sodas will work as well) is reduced by dropping the Mentos in, which allows the CO2 in the soda to more easily become gaseous, and the Mentos have little "nucleation" pocket on their surface, where many CO2 bubbles can form, and thus the CO2 can become gaseous and escape VERY fast as a geyser effect. Still, a very cool and creative video--and safe experiment too :) See this link for more info:

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