Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wednesday's Faves and Flops

I had a hard time coming up with a fave this week. I've been sidetracked by a cold, and hard-pressed to really like anything much this week. But, thinking from past experience, I thought of a good fave and flop. Are you ready?

Wednesday's Fave: Food Network!
I've linked stuff from Food Network before, but for a while, I didn't watch the channel or even look up recipes, but I started watching again this past week. They have some really cute Halloween food shows on this week. Very informative--you learn how many of our favorite Halloween treats are made, and get some good ideas for fun Halloween food. All around, it's a great channel AND a great website. You can look up a multitude of recipes, and what's even better is that people rate the recipes, so you can see how others like it before you try it. The recipes are also rated by difficulty, so if you see one labeled "expert", you may want to save that for later :) I got my favorite pancake and biscuit recipes from there. So, if you're not tuning in to Food Network, at least go clicky on these links and see what you're missing.

And now, dum, dum, ta DUMMM!!! What you've all been waiting for....

Wednesday's Flop: Celebrity Paranormal Project
I was channel flipping the other night, when I came across this gem. I cannot believe some of these stupid reality shows--so, the flop is really directed at all the STUPID reality shows out there. Some of them are so ridiculous--"House of Carters" anyone?
But, this one really put the icing on the ridiculous cake. The episode I watched included Gary Busey (good celebrity D-lister), and a "Survivor Amazon" contestant, among other not-so-well-known celebrities. They were touring the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY--"Hmm, local place, supposedly haunted, might be interesting", thought I. In the beginning of the tour, one dialogue ensued where the Survivor contestant was proclaiming that she was terrified to enter the place, and Mr. Gary Busey nobly suggested, "Just remember Jesus Christ as your savior, and you'll be fine." "Hmmm, interesting comment--didn't know Gary Busey was a Christian." Then, after a commercial break and some more channel flipping, I return to hear the gallant Mr. Busey screaming in the face of another participant, "Shut the **** up!" Didn't continue to watch at that point. Will never watch again. Sick of TV producers coming up with the stupidest reality TV shows, and people doing anything to get 15 minutes of fame.

Hoped you all liked today's faves and flops--if you have any comments on these or know any other good ones, let me know. Thanks for reading!

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