Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday's Faves and Flops

I've managed to exercise two days this week! Go me! Now blogging before I pick up the kids. Hoping they will be a bit less wired today. And Team Kid again tonight--my my. At least it's not my night to teach, so I don't have that pressure. Enough rambling. On to today's topic--

My favorite thing of the day: Digital Scrapbooking! I've decided to venture beyond the paper and glue and gel pens and go digital. All we have is a digial camera now, so it's a bit easier, and I am totally loving the non-mess. I can do it all from the comfort of my laptop and printer. I found a great little free program on the web called Scrapbook Flair. It allows you to set up your templates, add backgrounds, embellishments, photos, etc, and you can download stuff from anywhere else and use with it. There is a lot of free stuff on the internet to choose from and some pretty cheap stuff too. Definitely check it out if you are at all interested in going digital.

My flop of the day: Actually this came from last week. I saw a terrific ad for Chips Ahoy Chunky White Fudge Cookies in Parenting magazine. The close-up picture made me want to eat the page--great ad! I then bought them at the grocery, which I rarely do in response to ads. Needless to say, they did not meet my expectations. They looked great, but had such a processed taste that they almost tasted fake. The chocolate in the dough and the chocolate chips in them didn't taste very chocolatey at all, but the white fudge chunks were good. They were better warmed for a few secs in the microwave, but still were quite the disappointment.

Hope you've enjoyed my faves and flops for Wednesday. Comment all you like. Stay tuned for Thursday's Laugh Out Loud!

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