Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday's Laugh Out Loud!!

The video below is hilarious, but he does use a little language that you may want to keep from younger ears. I'm in a wierd mood today, trying to catch up with mundane stuff, keeping the girls happy on a rainy day. I'm down one kid today ("Buddy"), so a little less stress. The exterminator just left--came just after I put the girls down for their nap--couldn't be at a worse time. They're just now getting quiet. I did however, manage to listen to the live Fly Lady broadcast on World Radio. I think it's on each Thursday from 11am to 1pm CST, so tune in if you like Fly Lady. I must admit, I don't follow her advice as much as I'd like, but I have stuck to some basic routines since I first found her. I try to make my bed each day, keep my dishes washed, and do a load of laundry each day. I also am keeping paperwork relatively under control. I definitely recommend her if you are at wits' end with your housework/chores.

Check her out here:

And the radio show:

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