Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday--Misty's Challenge

I'm challenging myself today--to get over whatever this flu bug is that I have. I attended a couples' retreat over the weekend. Great time, really, until Saturday night. I had been fighting a cold/sinus infection all week, but Saturday night, it turned to a flu of some sort. I couldn't even eat when we went to Patti's Restaurant (great place in the Land Between the Lakes area), and I was so sad. Then after that, we went back to our cabins for some couple sessions/fellowship, and I developed a fever and chills, and was aching all over and had to turn in early. What awful timing. My fever is better, but I'm still weak as a kitten, and have little appetite. I've taken the day off babysitting, and hoping I can be somewhat normal by tomorrow (Halloween). So, my challenge is to me--getting enough rest and TLC to get over this thing, and be able to let go of non-essential chores until then. Any ideas, tips, "remedies" are welcomed. Hopefully tomorrow's post will be less depressing. Hope you all have a flu-free day!

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