Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Tidbits

Love this pic! I'm going to start posting it to people who blog too deeply for me :) So, here's some life tidbits to catch you up on. Missed a few days. I'll see what I can remember.
I've been totally bummed about the death of Steve Irwin all week. They had a private funeral for him yesterday and buried him in his Australia Zoo. I finally understood yesterday why I and so many around the world were so saddened by his passing. If you watched his shows for any length of time, you felt like you knew him. He was always so open, so passionate, so welcoming, like you were part of his adventures. I watched his Crocodile Hunter series starting in college in the mid-nineties, and in his series, I saw his conservation and his FAMILY evolve. He shared every aspect of his life. You would often see his mom and dad on the show, his wife from the start, then his kids--they even had episodes with their births. Check out his Crocodile Hunter website--pics and bios of his family. They share their lives with the world, so the world knows them all . He didn't film dry animal documentaries. He filmed his life, and was so filled with it, that it is just hard to think of him dead. So, that's where I am with that. Moving on, but will still be sad for a while. No one can replace that guy.
Labor day weekend. Went to a birthday party for daughter's friend. Pool and pizza. Too cold for the pool, and it rained a bit, but good party. Went to visit family later in the day. Ate out at a good restaurant way out in the boonies in Green County, KY (I think) late that night to celebrate belated birthdays (brother in law and mine, 40 and 30 respectively). Had car show in Adair County on Labor Day and did a little shopping at the booths on the square. The bad news: Found out my brother and his wife are splitting up--for the record, I think my brother has problems handling responsibilities of relationships and doesn't want to put the work into it that it deserves, and some of his choices stink. Sorry, need to vent, but I do love him and am praying that he and his wife will work it out still. God has changed harder people than them.
Joy today--finally started my scrapbook of our summer vacation. Day 1 is chronicled. It is terribly amateur, but I had fun experimenting with different things. I like glue.
Poor hubby is overworked and overtired. Having back problems. He's spent a good deal of time working on wiring a friend's new house, and much more time working on wiring up A/V stuff for our church. He spent the entire morning sermon on his back under the console hooking up stuff to try to get it working, and the whole Sunday school hour carting stuff from the new sanctuary to the old for the second service, because they haven't enough duplicate equipment and for some reason, won't do both services in the new building. We still have a bathroom that we have had torn apart since February. We have a toilet and sink in our bedroom. I want my bathroom done--we're now starting to move on working on it again. A 4x4 bathroom...February...*roll eyes*
Babysat a little girl for some friends from Lexington this past Saturday. Nice having a little girl here for Meg to play with. We usually have our little guy here--nice to see a girl in the dress up clothes this time :) Got up about 5 am to make breakfast--a good "Overnight Breakfast Casserole" that I mixed up the night before and just had to get up and bake. They arrived at 6 am, and everyone loved my breakfast--oh, blueberry muffins too (last frozen blueberries from my bushes for the season). I love feeding people. It's a sickness. They went with Bryan to a golf tournament, so I kept the girls and entertained them all day. We painted, watched cartoons, played in sand, play-dough, and dressed up. I was bushed. I was late for church this usual.
Started regular exercising again. Going to start walking with a friend this week. Looking forward to getting some fresh air. Did treadmill 3 days last week, and picked up 8 minute abs again. My abs were quite sore for a couple days. Makes a difference when you miss it for a few months.
Going to the dentist with hubby on Tuesday. Haven't been for 2-3 years. Shame on us. Have a wisdom tooth that is hurting a bit. Will probably have to get it out. Scared to death--hope they knock me out or gas me so I won't care. Never had dental work before.
That's it for now. I have pics to post of our Labor Day trip, and I'll try to get pics of my amateur scrapbook too. I will also try to post updates on the "Intimate Issues" Bible study and do a piece on healthy dinners. Stay tuned for more....."Tales of Interest!!!" (*if anyone can pinpoint this reference--I'll give you FIVE dollars, I promise!--except Bryan--he knows")

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Maggie said...

I'm glad your life is as full and wacky as mine. And :-)- for the deep blogs comment.

and sorry about the toilet in your bathroom, and thank you to your hubby for being the only person so deeply affected by worship he was flat on his back over it, and um, oh yeah...the Steve Erwin grieving. Hmmm. Okay. Well. yeah. It's weird to hear his voice piping on the TV. My hubbie LOVES impersonating him if you need a fix. But, that was a little scarey..."I'll be sad for a while". :-) I love it when people grieve like me over whatever.

Ya'll take it easy...and FEED ME!

Dang it. My crock pot lid didn't seal today and raost still isn't done at 7:30 and I no longer care!