Friday, September 29, 2006


Tired of em...don't want no more. Yes, that was a double negative. I'm sorry. It's been a frustrating couple of weeks. My overworked hubby is working during an outage at the power plant--meaning a unit is down for scheduled repairs, so means lots of overtime, early mornings, late nights and they won't give him enough money in his budget to fix things right. He's so stressed, and not having him here is stressing me out. But, I can't tell him that, because it stresses him out more---AHHHHH!!!!

Feeling quite alone. Wishing I had family here to lean on. I feel like such an outsider in this community sometimes. I feel guilty asking people to watch my girls, when they have such busy lives themselves--and we're not family, so they don't have that bond. Maybe I should hire a foreign nanny or something. I'm very thankful for dear friends who will sacrifice their time to watch my kiddos for an evening. Things could be worse.

I'm still bogged down about many hurts in people around me--family issues, deaths, illnesses. I even still hurt for the Irwin family in Australia. I told the Lord this morning, "I can't handle this yoke--you need to take it from me or I'm gonna fall in the mud."

Today--going to make the best of it. Plans to finish painting the trim in our little bathroom, which is almost done (Hallelujah!) Going to look for Halloween costumes for my girls and do some small home furnishing/organizing shopping. I'm going to not think about crappy stuff for a few hours. I'm thumbing my nose at the crappy stuff. *Phhhhttttttthh to you crappy stuff!!*

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