Saturday, August 19, 2006

Seasons of Change

Our first Women's Conference was held today at our church. An all-day event with women from lots of different places. The theme was the seasons of our life and how God uses those to His glory. Four speakers compared life seasons to calendar seasons. Summer harvest, fall letting go, winter emptiness and heartache, spring rebirth. Lunch was provided, and drinks, and snacks. There were a few "men in black" serving throughout the day. The men's restrooms were converted to women's rooms for the day, and for kicks, the urinals were decorated with silk ivy with witty signs that read, "Caution, poison ivy, do not sit!" and "Please don't water the plants".

I was inspired hearing about how other women have struggled through seasons of their lives. Our keynote speaker was Cheryl McGuinness, whose husband was a pilot on the first plane to crash into the World Trade Center on September 11. She has a ministry now, called Beauty Beyond the Ashes, and speaks to others about hope after crisis. I've included pics below to summarize the day. Thanks to dear hubby for shooting those from the A/V booth.

As for what I learned, I have to say, I didn't get as much from it as I had hoped. I think that is because I have discovered my own season. It isn't a very defined season. It's called the Foggy Season. I think this is a common season. But since I've had kids, especially after Zoe, my mind is in a total fog. Oh, I enjoyed the day, loved the speakers and especially the worship, lunch was tasty, even bought a couple Veggie Tales movies and a t-shirt, but instead of being enraptured during some of the speaking, I found myself nodding off. Mostly because of all the travel we did this week, but also, when I get still in a dark place, I just want to zone out. I feel as if I'm in a season where joy comes in tidbits, where I'm overwhelmed just by getting behind with some housework, where I can hardly pray for more than 5 seconds at a time. It's just foggy, feeling my way through, hoping there is some light on the other side, hoping I won't miss important landmarks on the way.

There's my deep thoughts about the day. I'm pooped, so I just ate some pie and I'm going to get ready for bed. Ain't even 9 pm yet, but I'm bushed. Church again tomorrow at 8:31--why on earth they moved it back almost 15 minutes still confounds me. I'm sure I'll be late as usual, but maybe I won't forget the diaper bag this week :)


cj said...

Misty: I would be very happy to beg for copies of these pictures. I had my camera, but didn't get shots anywhere near this good.
What would it take for copies?

Misty said...

I've added an e-mail me link below my profile, so e-mail me so I'll have your e-mail address and I'll be happy to share the pics!