Saturday, August 19, 2006

Our busy week

We traveled to Cinncinnati, Ohio this past Wednesday night so Bryan could do a presentation at an energy conference on Thursday. The girls and I tagged along. We spent the night in a businessy hotel on the 15th floor. We ate at a Mediterranean restaurant there for dinner. First for me--didn't care for it much. The kids didn't even eat the chicken strips and fries. After dinner, some doses of Benadryl got us all in a nice sleepy mode, and Megan was actually the first asleep. The next day, I took the girls to the Cinncinnati zoo by myself. What a feat! I only managed a few pics in the petting zoo before I got tired of lugging the camera bag around and took it back to the car. The zoo was nice, but it was almost too hot a day for it. The indoor exhibits felt good! The petting zoo only consisted of goats, so not much variety in my pics. Anyway, we went back home Thurs night and we were all bushed.

Friday, after lunch, headed to Louisville to a Louisville Bats game. Hubby's company has a box there and each power plant location gets to use it once during the season. So, we headed up and left the girls at our friends' house. They have two girls the same age as ours, so they had a good play date. We went on to the ballpark and thoroughly enjoyed the catered food and a semi-date, then had to pick up the girls and head back home for some much-needed sleep. We both had to be up early for our Women's Conference at our church. I'll post about that next.

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