Monday, August 07, 2006

Feature Films for Families

Looking for your feedback on this one. Got a call the other day from an "interviewer", who asked me some "survey" questions about the morality of media and movies for our children and families. Then, as I found out later, I got hooked into accepting a later phone call from a solicitor that just called today, and was quite obviously reading from a script and not really listening to my responses, until he offered me two children's films, for "only $12.95 each", then was quite pushy when I declined, offering only one film, then delaying payment for 30 days to see if I liked them. I was adamant to decline, telling him I would like to check out their website and do some research first. And I did.

Here's their website:

Looks like some nice films are offered. They are based in Salt Lake City, UT, and are affliliated with the LDS (Latter Day Saints). I've seen some nice reviews of the films themselves, but not-so-nice reviews about their marketing technique. The telemarketer today used an interesting hookline: "We don't have millions of dollars to spend on advertising like Disney does...". Aww, you poor thing, that must be why you had to call me. Give me a break. They are advocating morals, but don't seem to use very good marketing morals, as evidenced by the pushy phone call.

Anyway, if you or anyone else has any experience with this company, please leave your comments. I'm curious, as there isn't that much information readily available about them. Thanks!

Oh, and beware of "interviewers" or "surveyors" who ask you preliminary questions about family entertainment, etc, and then ask if someone may call you back later to give you more information. SAY NO!!! I found out that if you say yes, even if you are on a "no-call" list, this gets them around that by establishing a "prior relationship". Then the pushy salesperson can call you back and insist on their product. Learn from my mistake.


Magnanimity said...

"I'm sorry, we do not participate in telephone solicitation."


Not for firefighters, not for politics, not for great deals or phone gadgets or wins of the century.

And "we have already decided on our contributions for the year, but thank you and I appreciate all your doing."

Anonymous said...

No where does it say they are affiliated with latter day actually states that they are not affilliated with any poliical group or religion

Reyjan said...

I have actually bought quite a few films from this company. I really enjoy the fact that there is a group of people out there trying to combat the onslaught of poor moral quality in our entertainment.

They can get a little pushy on the phone, but if you tell them no, they let you go. (you may have gotten an extra pushy salesman)

Anyway, I agree with their "cause" and I have enjoyed watching their films for years (like 15 years) and my kids enjoy their movies (ages 7 to 11).

Just my two cents worth.

Anonymous said...

I have bought movies from Feature Films for Families for years. My children (now 17 and 10) have loved all of them. When I first started buying from them, they were not so pushy. They seem to have gotten that way in the last few years. Most of the movies are great and are all family oriented. That is wonderful as far as I am concerned with the entertainment society like it is today. I will keep purchasing them, but I will tell the phone sales people that I will just visit their website when I am ready to buy the movies.

Meg5 said...

I bought some movies few years ago. My kids watched them once and never again. Since then the sales people been calling what seems like every week. I have told them every time I cannot afford their product and please do not call, they continue to call. The sales people are extremely pushy and the way their phone system goes through the computer it seems like your talking to a robot. Last month they called again and this time had 2 sales people on at the same time offering me $5 off. They wore me down and I bought the stupid movie (which again my kids watched once and don't want to see it again). This morning, promptly at 9:00 am they call again wanting to know why I have not sent in the payment. I told them my mom was in the hospital and I will mail the check in today. They insisted on getting my checking information so they can get the money themselves I said no... this went on for a few minutes until I finally hung up the phone. I paid the bill online and wrote them a nasty email. Their movies might be good but I will never order from them and I will tell everyone about my experience. There is plenty of good, wholesome entertainment for kids... public tv, libraries and you can find plenty of mainstream movies and shows with good messages and no violence, so there is no need to deal with bullies.

Jemdude said...

I've seen one of them so far. It's pretty good.

Brian said...

I worked for the company years ago. They are NOT affiliated with the LDS church. The mistake is made by presuming that because they are located in Utah, they must be affiliated. It is true though that the owner was a member of the church at one time.

In my opinion is that some of the films are good, most are not and a limited few are great, but all teach good morals. Unfortunately the marketing practices are everything you've said they are - immoral. Too bad the company doesn't practice what it professes to promote.

Rebecca said...

I hear many mixed things on this company as well. I think what it comes down to is that you cannot ascertain that every person you hire to work in a call center is going to maintain the level of consideration, etiquette, and morality that you may. It is an unfortunate side effect of call centers. In my experience, the best way to handle it is to say, "Please place me on your do not call list." I believe if you check out FamilyTv.Com you can look into the do not call list there.

As far as the movies are concerned, I feel they are just like any other film company. They are hit or miss. A few from my childhood have been really enjoyable such as the Seventh Brother and The Buttercream Gang. I always enjoyed these and I still do.

Feature Films for Families is releasing their newest production in the Spring of 2009, The Velveteen Rabbit. I'm excited for this because I have always loved the book so much.

Feature Films for Families has no religious affiliation. They do try to promote morals that are acceptable across the board.

carmel said...

Thats funny that you say they sound robotic, technically they are. They have programmed responses that a live person has recorded... lol even going as far as if you confront them on sounding like a recording they say ha ha ha do i sound that bad? its really creepy lol... they have a live person behind the recording pushing programmed responses to what you say, they almost always have the same name for men and women too.... they have good films for the family but if you feel like there being pushy its because they have to do protecal in getting you to buy... have fun with it and ask them questions off the wall, they even have a laugh button and a joking around about your kids button, its crazy but a good company.

LuVerne said...

I have always been polite to sales people on the phone. But FFFF has pushed me over the edge and I lost it this morning. I actually like the movies, but I have asked them three times in no uncertain terms to take me off the call list. And that was for the 3 calls they made in this one week alone. Today the guy said "we normally don't call back for 3-6 months, is that ok? So that's where I lost it. It's like talking to and pre-schooler who thinks no means maybe. Although come to think of it, even my kids weren't his persistent. They must be desperate if they have stooped to harassment.