Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Are you living a legacy?

Labels... Great for food products. Not for people. Why do we as human beings try to label everyone? Is it prejudice, brought forth by observed actions, or a natural human phenomena--or maybe all three. I'll bet Adam, when given the task of naming all the animals, put them into groups--things that fly, things that swim, things that crawl, etc. There's a whole science now of naming living things--taxonomy. But people--we are all so unique, but we are categorized into races, nations, religions.

The labels that bother me most are the not-so-nice ones. Rednecks, white-trash, trailer trash, hillbillies, hicks, the "n--word", snobs, goody-two-shoes. My deep thought about this started yesterday as I was cleaning. Thoughts seem to hit me when I'm doing menial tasks. Anyway, I happened to think about that movie, Joe Dirt. Though not meant as a thought-provoking movie, I'm sure, I am struck by the extreme labels that Joe lives up to. He's living out a legacy of "white trash", though he tries to go on despite it, but keeps on being pulled down by his past.

Are you living a labeled legacy? Does it seem like you're stuck with a label from the past? Maybe you've tried to pull away from that, but you're getting sucked back in. Why do you think people remain under the thumb of labels? Do they remain there because they don't know a way out? Is it stubborn pride? "I don't care what anybody thinks!" Are they just afraid of change?
I often wonder why people don't or can't make better choices in life, especially when it's clear that some of their actions aren't right. I think that's where some of the not-so-nice labels come from--from seeing people live out the labels.

I don't want to live out a labeled legacy. I just want to be me. I hope that I can make good choices and not be stuck under any label. I want to live up to the legacy of the One without labels. Our God doesn't even need a name--He is the great "I am". Perhaps if more "Joe Dirts" looked to Him, then He could pull them out of their labeled legacy.

What are your thoughts on labels? Jesus himself was labeled, "that Nazarene" in Mark 14:67. Should we try to rise above labels, live with them, or live despite them?


Magnanimity said...

Um, that was a very NON foggy post! Wow! A bit of renewal there? And did you say "WHILE" you were [brace self] CLEANING?

I'm very impressed.

Labels. Wow. Yeah. Except, God reveals himself also through his many labels, names. Yes, the great "I AM"...also Redeemer, Purifier, Faithful and True, First and the Last, Lion and Lamb, Great Judge, Father, God Almighty, Holy One, Bright and Morning Star, Prophet, Priest, King, Ruler, Son of God, Jesus, Peace, Provider, Justifier, Creator, Refuge, Comfort, STrength, Song, Holy, Righteous One,

Perhaps we listen to "the wrong names" about ourselves. We are more than "one label". I was thinking of this today.

Much of my hardest points in life are also cradled by the sweetest...that is happening right now, but I only saw the pain for a few hours today in my grief.

Perspective is probably a good thing to hang onto!

Enjoyed the thought process of this post...thanks for taking the time to share.

Misty said...

Very good points. Living with the right perspective, despite what "labels" may haunt you.

Joyce said...

Identify the labels, observe the way they affect our choices, decide if the labels still fit.

Good thoughts,