Monday, July 24, 2006

The big 3-0

I hit it this weekend. I can no longer enter 25-29 on my survey sites anymore. I'm depressed, but feel somehow more mature. Yet, I still feel as if I've never fully grown up. Like I haven't come to terms that my childhood/teen years are really over. There's still a vestige of youth there somewhere. Comes out in my whining, my boredom, my squirminess. Still can't sit still at 30. Not sure if I ever will. They'll have to glue me into my coffin :)

Anyway, enough about my oldness--I had a good birthday. Laid around the house most of the morning. Even took the time to do a self pedicure, manicure, and eyebrow maintenance. My hubby surprised me with a Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake! I will probably gain 5 or more pounds because of it, but he knows me well. Sure beat the growing old blues. Dropped the kids off with the teens at church for "Parents Night Out"--finest ministry in the church, if you ask me :) Then off to Tumbleweed in our once-again up-and-running 30th anniversary Trans Am (with the tops out too mind you) and a viewing of Pirates of the Carribbean II. Good head shots of Orlando Bloom, yet the story was really left dangling (in anticipation of the third in the series, I'm sure). I'm not sure I liked this plot as much as the first. It's as if they had not originally planned on having a second and third movie, and rather hurriedly made a story and added tons of special effects to cover up the somewhat weak plot.

But we were able to meet up with my friend, "Maggie" and her hubby for the dinner and movie. Good to be with other adults who don't get out much either. Made up for the weak film. But I had chocolate cheesecake, a date, popcorn and Orlando Bloom close-ups--what more could a 30 year old girl ask for?


Magnanimity said...

Can't get used to my new name...but I like it.

Very fun.

I enjoyed you guys spontaneous company so much, too. Thanks for letting us celebrate such a fun milestone with you. I was hoping it might work out that I could join you for such a neat day.


Magnimity said...

Just trying to reset my new blog site.

Magnaniminity said...

Um, I mis-spelled it. I'll try again. :-|

Magnanimity said...

I still misspelled it!

And why not post one more time just for the sport?

Magnanimity said...

"Maggie" is a good thing.

Misty said...

Spamming my post, are you? ;) You should change your signature to "Maggie"--easier to spell, and kind of like a pseudonym. Mysterious.

Magnanimity said...

I like that, but men don't tend to click on lady sounding names, usually if I want it to sound female, I sign the note like this.


Tricky marketing, but it works.

And doesn't it look great to have so many dcomments on your blog!

Sorry! It was fun, though!